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Unfortunately, items in this webshop cannot be ordered online from abroad.
To be able to serve you in spite of this, you can order it by email. Please send me an email with your Name, Address, and the Item Number(s) you wish to order. I'll let you know by email what the shipping costs are and how you can transfer the money. If the amount is credited to my account, your order will be shipped.

Dollhouse Miniatures.

All dollhouse miniatures in this shop are handmade from the finest woods keeping the original wood color, so not colored. Most miniatures are made only once and if possible with a JoKra mark and are therefore unique. If you want something to scale or rotate multiple copies of a particular item, then that's no problem, please send an email.

John Kramer
Beatrixlaan 25
6999 BA Hummelo

e-mail; info@JoKra.nl